Rocher-Perce county

The Rocher-Perce County covers 3256 square kilometers (1302,4 mi²) and stretches over 70 kilometers (43 mi) along the coast from Cap-d’Espoir to Prevel. About 20,000 people live in this county in the Gaspe region. The Rocher-Perce area is famous for its breathtaking scenery and unique coastal landscape featuring numerous coves and cliffs.

The Perce Rock, the most valuable sightseeing point of the region and a symbol of the Gaspe, has been attracting visitors for at least a century and a half. The Rocher-Perce County is composed of five municipalities: Port-Daniel-Gascons, Chandler, Grande-Riviere, Ste-Therese, and Perce. Besides, Mont-Alexandre, a Non-organized territory - a special administrative unit in Quebec, belongs to the Rocher-Perce County as well.

Traveling along the roads of Rocher-Perce offers lovely landscapes, as well as richness of the region’s heritage.

Among the most amazing attractions are the Path of the Rivers with its waterfalls, the Head of an Indian, a natural geological formation at St-Georges-de-Malbaie, and the beaches of Coin-du-Blanc.

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