Forillon National Park

The Forillon National Park of Canada is located at the north-eastern tip of the Gaspe Peninsula, 700 km from Quebec City and 350 km from the New-Brunswick border, via Road 132. Forillon, a land awash in beauty, offers visitors a truly impressive range of landscapes: sheer cliffs plunging into the sea, pebble beaches, lining little coves, backdrop of mountains, plains and water, as well as a fishing village steeped in history.

These landscapes are home to hundreds of species. You can observe everything here, from black bears to moose and from fabulous marine mammals to incredible colonies of seabirds.

To the sea of beauty the human history of the Grande-Grave heritage site is added, the story of the fishermen and merchants who inhabited Forillon at the turn of the 20th century.

You can take part in the numerous interpretation activities and discover the rich heritage of a unique natural and cultural environment. In fact, to get a preview of the park's treasures, a stop at the interpretation center is a must. A projection room and few large aquariums showcasing the park's underwater inhabitants are located there. Hyman and Son General Store displays lots of early-20th-century objects, recreating the era when the fishing companies controlled the local economy and workers' life.

Near by, at Anse-Blanchette, the life and time of a typical family have been reproduced, and guides explain the customs of yore. Several learning and educational activities have been designed at Forillon to amuse and captivate families. One of the most popular is the Underwater World of Grand-Grave. With the pebble beach serving as impromptu classroom, the kids and the adults alike discover the mysteries of underwater life. But generally, elsewhere in the park, learning activities abound. The curious can get to the bottom of the secret life of tidal pools or find out more about the mysteries of Penouille. At Cap Gaspe and Cap Bon Ami you'll be in for a nice walking experience, following the trail to the "land's end". Main attractions at Forillon include camping, which is decidedly popular activity.

A total of about 289 sites with or without electricity, are available at the park campgrounds. Note than 25% of the sites are for campers without reservation on the basis of "first come, first served". Hiking is the best way to discover the park, taking one of its nine trails crisscrossing the park. From the top of St. Alban Mount Observation Tower (283 metres in altitude), hikers can gaze out over breathtaking mountain and ocean vistas.

You can follow the Graves Trail to where the Appalachians meet the sea, and explore the International Appalachian Trail or IAT, which traverses the territory of the park from eat to west  for a distance of 50 km. From aboard a small cruise ship, and in company of experienced guides, gusts can admire birds, whales and seals.

It is also possible to go sea kayaking at sunset with or without guide. Rentals are available. It is possible also to offer your services as a "half-share" on board a cod-fishing ship or just take a seat and listen to storytellers spin their tales on the church's steps.

Vacationers can come and share the pleasures of the Gaspe's version of paradise in any season. The staff at the Penouille and L'Anse-au-Griffon visitor information and reception centres will help guest to plan their stay and choose the activities best suited to their interests.

Travelers can extend their stay at the park and visit the nearest villages, as well as natural, historical, cultural attractions near the Forillon Park.

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