Charles Robin Historical Complex

These remnants of the era of the fisheries belonged to the Charles Robin Company (1776 - c. 1886).

The main building was then a general store also used for storing goods. Built around 1835, this sober yet elegant dwelling, part of Gaspesie’s architectural heritage, housed the administration quarters of the company.

In the 19th century, the Norman-style structure was much more imposing before losing its left section along with much of its surface. Covered with metal sheeting, the gable-top roof features on its south side five single-slope dormer windows with small-pane hung windows.

The oceanside facade has two large small-pane windows symmetrically placed on either side of a large central door, above which lays a transom board enhanced by a broad cornice.

The Complex includes the Bonaventure Island and Rocher Perce Park’s information center and the Nature boutique. Guests will be charmed with the sharp cliffs, uneven coastline and breathtaking mountains of the estuary and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Address of the Charles Robin Complex:

182, route 132 West, Perce

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