British Heritage Village

Families of Loyalists fleeing the new United States, settled here, on the shores of the Chaleurs Bay, located in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, after 1784. Other English speaking settlers soon followed the first wave. The first colonists established lumber mills on the Great Cascapedia River and the Little Cascapedia River.

They built a large pier in May’s Beach and shipbuilding yards on the place, known as Duthie’s Point (Shipyard Point). This yard produced a great number of vessels till the late 19th century.

New Richmond prospered from the shipbuilding and lumber. Farming and fishing were also among the sources of its prosperity. In 1989 a group of descendents of the first settlers transported some twenty old buildings to the site of the ancient shipbuilding yards, and created the Gaspesian British Heritage Village.

This village consists of houses, a pub in the house section of the Gendron store, boardwalks, and exhibitions in the Almond Art Centre and in the school. Forest trails have been developed, picnic areas and more. Lovely beaches are situated of the estuary, at the meeting point of the Great Cascapedia River and the Bay.

Address of the Gaspesian British Heritage Village:

351 Perron Blvd West, New Richmond, Quebec G0C 2B0

Phone: 418-392-4487

Web site of the Village:

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