Chaleurs Bay - Baie des Chaleurs

Chaleusr Bay is the large bay located on Gaspe Peninsula and watered by the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The Bay separates Quebec from New Brunswick. Cheleurs Bay is nearly 50 kilometres wide between Bathurst (in the New Brunswick) and New Carlisle in Quebec. It’s width is over twenty-five kilometres.

The following major rivers flow into the Chaleurs Bay in Quebec: Bonaventure, Cascapedia, Grand Pabos, Matapédia, Restigouche

Chaleurs Bay is well-known in Canada for its long and sandy beaches and its nice microclimate that warms its waters. Indeed, the warmer currents enter the bay and make the water the warmest in eastern Canada.

Its name means bay of warmth, and it was Jacques Cartier who baptised the Bay with this name in July, 1534, when he arrived for the first time to Canada and saw these inviting beaches caressed by magnificent waves of a sea, these mountainous panoramas adorned with red cliffs crowned by colourful vegetation, these incredible forests, rivers and meadows.

Nothing has changed and during your visit of the region, you’ll see the same beauty, magnificence and peace. Anyway, the Chaleurs Bay is a member of the prestigious Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club, created in 1997 in Berlin.

Inhabitants of the Chaleurs Bay have multicultural roots, and you’ll find descendants of Basque and Jersey fishermen, Acadians, English, Indian reserves.

A great number of hiking and bicycle trails and path are open for visitors inviting them to find their own way through the Bay. Horseback rides along the seashore and in the fields are also popular. Pristine waters of the Chaleurs Bay welcome swimming and water sports.

Guests can go on a fishing expedition to practice patience in the emerald waters of salmon rivers of the bay.

The Chaleurs Bay is also home to National Park of Miguasha, a fossil site that’s on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The park conservs multiple species of fish, spores, plants, and fossilized invertebrates encrusted in the renowned cliffs

Note: Chaleurs Bay is host to the Fireship of Baie des Chaleurs. Visitors can see regularly an apparition of a ship on fire which appears all over the bay. Pessimists say, these are some lights due to some rare and unusual phenomenon. Optimists know that it’s an ancient ship which has been navigating here in the bay for hundreds of years, searching its way out, but in vain. It’s damned by a horrible crime perpetrated by its crew.

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