Duparquet Lake

The Duparquet Lake is a small northern lake in Abitibi-Ouest County. On its area of only 12 km² (4,6 mi²), this beautiful lake houses more than 135 islands. Five rivers flow into Duparquet Lake from the south.

One, the Duparquet River, flows north towards the Abitibi Lake. From the middle of May to the end of June, Duparquet Lake is a fishers’ paradise. Tourists come here mainly from Ontario and the United States.

In July and August, numerous adventure enthusiasts explore the lake and its islands on canoes and kayaks. In October, the hunting season starts at the Duparquet Lake making it a popular destination for moose and bear hunters, as well for those who prefer duck hunting. The lake freezes over at the end of November or in the early December, so just before Christmas people start putting their ice-fishing huts (let us remind you than in Quebec you are allowed 5 holes per permit).

The lake starts to thaw in April: ducks make their nests and mate, a large number of herons start their breeding cycle, and bald eagles return to their summer homes to renovate and extend their nests of previous years.

The Duparquet Lake has become a very attractive vacation getaway, offering to visitors incredible fishing, boating, water sports, picnics on one of the islands, and swimming at a secluded beach. As to accommodation, rental cottages and outfitters are available for tourists.

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