Two Mountains Lake

Two Mountains Lake or Lac des Deux-Montagnes in French is part of the delta of the Ottawa River where the Ottawa River feeds into the St Lawrence.

Its primary outflows are the One Thousand Island River and the Des Prairies River, bordering the Jesus Island where Laval city is located. The famous French explorer Samuel de Champlain named the Lake as Lake des Medicis, in 1612, but since the end of the 17th century it bears its current name, which refers to the two peaks facing the lake – Calvair Mountain and St. Joseph-du-Lac Hill.

The city of Deux-Montagnes is located on the lake’s north shore, as well and a few of other towns and villages.

Two Mountains Lake and the One Thousand Islands River are endowed with a magnificent well-kept woodlands area through which runs a bicycle path, studded with a great number of heritage buildings, and offering a unique cachet and a green philosophy, protected by an environmental vision.

Parc national d’Oka draws campers and swimmers to its long beaches on Two-Mountains Lake in the summer, as well as cross-country ski and snowshoe enthusiasts in the winter.

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