Newport is a sector of Chandler City, located in the Gaspesie region. Newport was built around the Newport River and was once known as Pointe-au-Genievre. The name Newport was adopted by loyalists who settled in this area after the American Revolution. Its name honours a navigator Mr. Newport.

The community was officially established in 1845. Historically, Newport consisted of neighbourhoods of Newport Centre, Newport West, Newport Point and the islands Mahy. In Newport, guests will discover the country aspect while taking advantage of urban benefits.

It offers numerous services while preserving its natural beauty. Vacationers can enjoy the hiking and bicycle trails near by, stroll along footbridges, take advantage of picnic areas and stroll along sandy and safe beaches. In Chandler, you can enjoy, among other things, golf, tennis and other tourist attractions, such as many lakes and rivers, areas cherished by fishing and swimming fans.

Newport saw the birth of Mary Travers La Bolduc, the first female singer and songwriter of Quebec and French Canada.

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