Pabos is a calm district strategically located between Chandler and Grande-Riviere, Gaspesie Region. Before the conquest by the British in 1758, Pabos was a very important fishing harbour.

For many years, Pabos was also the ecclesiastical centre of Eastern Quebec. At the time, the congregation was called the Ste-Famille de Pabos. Its office was on Beausejour Island in the Grand Pabos Bay. In the 19th century many Irish families settled along the two bays stemming from the Petit et Grand Pabos rivers.

Pabos has known remarkable economic growth in the 20th century, with the implementation of sewer and water systems, the substantial construction of new homes and senior citizen residences, the expansion of the convent and of St-Paul elementary and the establishment of a police station. Pabos has also developed its tourism potential by putting in place a scenic point looking over the Petit Pabos River.

The community built a fishing harbour giving out on a beautiful beach that claims its fair share of visitors in the summer. Guests find a horse-racing track and a golf course near by.

During the winter an outdoor skating rink and a cross-country skiing trail are very popular here.

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