Pabos Mills

The term Pabos originates from the Micmac word Pabog or Pabok meaning “slowly moving water”. Mills witnesses an historic fact. In fact, Pabos was the first community in Gaspesie to set up a pulp and paper mill, hence giving it the name Pabos Mills.

The municipality of Pabos separated itself from Newport in 1876, when the population growth was stagnant. A few new settlers mostly came from the Ireland. In 1900, a pulp and paper mill Gaspe County Lumber was erected near the West River. The mill processed pine wood. In 1903, it was sold and moved to L'Anse-aux-Canards.

In 1908, on the west shore of the Banc de Pabos, the King brothers inaugurated a new mill under the name of Pabos Lumber Co. Ltd. In 1913, the mill was moved once again and was since known as the Moulin Rouge.

In 1948, the community of Pabos Mills and the community of Grand Pabos West joined forces to become the Municipality of Pabos Mills.

In 2001, Pabos Mills and a few other communities join Chandler.

Today, in Pabos Mills, is located an archaeological site of exceptional beauty. People can discover, through its remains, the way of life of the present era and previous ones.

You can also take part in many activities, as the site has access to the forests, lakes, beaches, and the sea.

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