Sea and Mountain Trail

The section of the Appalachian Trail, known as the Sea and Mountain Trail, 250 kilometres long, crosses some of the most beautiful landscapes between the Saint-Pierre Mount and Cap-Gaspe in Forillon Nation Park, along the most beautiful beaches of the St. Lawrence and lovely forests.

The Forillon National Park landscape hosts starting or arrival point of the International Appalachian Trail. High mountains, peaks, bay and peninsula accompany hikers in the course of road. The Forillon segment is divided into two sections: the back-country and the peninsula. The Back-country section is 36 km long. It connects Riviere-au-Renard to Grande-Grave. It is the most broken part and most wild.

The back-country of Forillon includes three surfaces of wild camp-site like some view-points. This is a country of the black bear and the moose.

The culminating of this section is observation tower of the Saint-Alban mount, located at 283 meters of altitude, which offers a spectacular panorama, offering a view on the river and the gulf, the bay of Gaspe, Forillon, Gaspe and Perce.

The Forillon Peninsula section, located in Grand-Grave at Cape-Gaspe, is undoubtedly most spectacular and most accessible. Its relatively short distance of only 9 km makes it a place appreciated by the less tested walkers.

A few installations facilitate the excursion, such as staircases, view-points, culverts, panels of interpretation and shelter-kitchen. Hikers can see seals and whales there.

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