Kipawa River Trail

The Kipawa River Trail, located at Laniel, a village of the Temiscamingue County, is a historic path. Since the 1920-s, many Hollywood stars walked along this trail, among them Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Johan Wayne, and Kirk Douglas. Both the Kipawa Lake and Kipawa River are exceptional natural sites.

In fact, the natural beauty of the Kipawa always attracted attention of film directors who produced several films in the area. The starting point for the Kipawa River Trail is located about 5 mi north of Laniel on Highway 101 going down to the Grande Chute, a 90-foot waterfall, on the Kipawa River.

The trail is well maintained and is equipped with picnic areas and lookout points.

Tourists who prefer a less demanding trail can access the Grande Chute by car. There, they can take a 15-minute walk from the parking lot straight to the falls.

Each year since 1986, on the St. Jean Baptist weekend (the national holiday in Quebec), the Kipawa River has attracted canoeists and kayakers from Quebec, Ontario, other Canadian provinces, and the U.S. to the annual Kipawa River Rally.

The paddlers gather to experience the thrills of the white waters of Kipawa River on the run from Laniel to Lake Temiscamingue, with its falls, rapids, and cauldrons.

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