Great River Crossing

Every February in Quebec City, the best teams from Canada, US, France, and Quebec on board fragile boats confront the shifting ice of Quebec’s great river.

Keeping on a century old tradition, the mind-blowing and face freezing race is led by extraordinary men competing against each other among the mountains of ice of the St. Lawrence River in arctic temperatures.

The leading event of Quebec Carnival, this canoe race is the opening part of the famous Quebec City Winter Carnival Race. A favorite spectator competition, the race spans 8 km (5 mi) between Isle-aux-Coudres and the St. Lawrence North Shore. Qualifications are held in Baie-St-Paul.

Great River Crossing

Photo: courtesy © Helene Bogart 

Great River Crossing Commitee phone: 418-438-2568

Website of the Great River Crossing:

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