St-Eugene-de-Guigues is located in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue, namely, in the Temiscamingue County. About 450 people live there.

The township of Guigues was the first one to be proclaimed in Temiscamingue along with the township of Duhamel, in 1881. First settlers established along the banks of La Loutre River and Cameron Creek The Municipality of St-Eugene-de-Guigues was erected in 1912, but in 1945, the town of Angliers separated from the municipality.

St-Eugene-de-Guigues is named in honour of Bishop Joseph-Eugene-Bruno Guigues, who was the first Bishop of Ottawa in the middle of the 19th century St-Eugene-de-Guigues has an outdoor skating rink, baseball fields, tennis courts, a campground site, a public beach, a municipal park, an arts centre, a community hall, a public library and a mini-putt course.

A 2-km-long pedestrian ecological trail that follows Cameron Creek, a 15-km-long  snowmobile trail and a nice 2-km-long cross-country skiing trail are located there. Local camping grounds attract outdoor amateurs. The main division of economic activity is agriculture. St-Eugene-de-Guigues also has potential for development in the forestry industry.

Ah, yes, a nice snack bar exists in St-Eugene-de-Guigues. Anyway, St-Eugene-de-Guigues is a dynamic community which will lay on tourism potential as a level to heighten the economic, social and cultural development. Visitors can access St-Eugene-de-Guigues by the road 391 which connects the municipality to Angliers and Lorrainville.

Address of St-Eugene-de-Guigues:

4, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, C. P. 1070


J0Z 3L0

Phone : 819 785-2301

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