Egan-Sud is located in the Outaouais region, the Gatineau Valley County, north of Maniwaki.

The village was founded on November 17, 1920. It has only 500 inhabitants. Egan-Sud is a residential and agricultural community, with a number of commerce mainly concentrated along the Road105.

The origin of the name of Egan-Sud can be traced back to John Egan, an Irish immigrant who owned large forest concessions in the Outaouais region and was a known politician.

Settlement in this area by Europeans began in the mid-nineteenth century and most of its first colonists were of Irish origin who professed Catholic faith. In 1864, the Egan Township was formed. Later, in 1920, Egan Township was split up into the municipalities of Egan-Sud, Bois-Franc, and Montcerf (now, part of Montcerf-Lytton).

Today, around 90% of Egan-Sud inhabitants speak French as their first language, 4% speak English in their families, 3% speak both French and English as a first language and the rest have a different first language.

In winter, Evens Lake is home to the largest ice rink built by the Gatineau Valley County, having a circular route of about 1.2 kilometres or 0.7 miles long. This circular skating ring attracts many visitors from the neighbouring communities.

New-comers can stay at Motel Algonquin.

To contact the city hall of Egan-Sud, call 819-449-1702.

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