The community of Laforce is located in the administrative region of Abitibi-Temiscamingue. The village constituets one of about twenty municipalities of Temiscamingue County.

It has a population of about 200. Laforce is located on the shore of Lake Simard, one of the largest lakes of the Temiscamingue. There is an ecoforest or plantation present within municipal limits that being the fir plantation with yellow birch.

The municipality of Laforce was built in 1937 thanks to the Vautrin colonisation plan, but the municipality of Laforce was erected officially in 1979, it’s thus the youngest community of Temiscamingue.

The name of the village was chosen in honour of Joseph-Ernest Laforce, the deputy minister of the colonisation during the 1930s The principal source of revenues of Laforce consists of agricultural activities, but tourist infrastructures are being developed here. Indeed, a camping ground, a lovely pedestrian path of Cascades of the river Klock. Besides, the presence of Simard Lake one of the largest lakes of the Temiscamingue Region adds to Laforce’s strong points.

Laforce tries to find solutions in order to revive the community, in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs of Quebec.

Visitors can reach the municipality by Moffet - Laforce Road, Belleterre - Laforce Road or Laforce - Val-d’Or Road.

However, for now, only the first of these roads is paved while the two others are gravel roads.

Address of Laforce:

703, chemin du Village, C.P. 25 Laforce

J0Z 2J0

Telephone: 819 722-2461

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