The township of Arundel is located in a beautiful valley of the Laurentian Mountains south-west of Mont-Tremblant. It has the population of about 650 inhabitants.

To the west, you will find Huberdeau. To the east is Barkmere, to the west, Montcalm and to the south, Harrington. Mr. Stephen Jakes Beaven was the first Europeen man who lived here by hunting, trapping, and trading with the Indians for so long he was thought to be one of them. In 1822 he built a shanty where Beaven Creek enters the Rouge as a trading post.

The township was proclaimed in 1857, when the MLA for the Quebec county of Argenteuil, Sydney Bellingham, received the authorization to create a new township in the northern section of his riding. Up to 1857, only hunters, trappers and lumbermen visited the territory along the Rouge River. No man had located here for the purpose of making a home. Sydney Bellingham named the Township in honour of the Norfolk family estate in Arundel, Sussex, England. The first actual settler was William Thomson from Glasgow, Scotland who arrived in March 1857.

By 1879 there were 169 ratepayers in Arundel. The first Town Council was formed in 1878. The municipality was known in those years as the United Townships of Arundel and De Salaberry. The census of 1891 for Arundel shows 123 families, 119 dwellings and total population of 720 inhabitants. The first road, known as the Iroquois Road, was opened in 1879 and linked Arundel to Huberdeau.  The railroad came to Arundel in 1896, and the first school records are of 1878 There was a development of services in the pioneer days. The first postal service came in 1857. There was also a cheese and butter factory. A number of commercial establishments were started, such as stores, grinding mill, two saw mills, two poultry farms, plant nursery, a blacksmith shop, a few garages, a boarding house, and more.

The Orange Lodge started in 1877. The first bank was opened in 1920. The first golf course, privately owned by the residents of Barkmere, opened in 1929. For a long period of time Arundel was predominantly a farming community with good dairy herds, mostly of Ayrshire and Holstein cows, sheep, hogs, and poultry.

Today, there is one dairy farm and only a few beef and sheep farms left. Arundel is now a community of retired people, the bedroom community for people working mostly in the St. Jovite (Mont-Tremblant) area, and people with weekend and holiday residences. Further detail about Arundel can be found in "The History of Arundel" compiled in 1954 by the Arundel Women’s Institute our on the official Arundel’s Web Site. There are several churches in Arundel and in the area, such as Grace Anglican Church (the church on the hill), open in 1878, Arundel United Church, Knox Church Crystal Falls and Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci Catholic Church.

Arundel is recognized in accordance with article 29.1 of the “Charte de la langue française” as a bilingual community, thus it is permitted certain privileges such as posting in another language other than French.

To join Arundel :

2, rue du Village Arundel

J0T 1A0

Phone: 819 687-3991

Web Site of the Township of Arundel:

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