Matane County

The Matane Regional County Municipality is the eastern gateway to the Lower St. Lawrence administrative region.

The Matane stretches along the St. Lawrence River for 100 kilometres. It covers an area of 3,375 square kilometres. It has a total population of about 22, 000. In Malecite language, Matane means “beaver breeding grounds” The St-Lawrence plays a very important role in its economic.

The Matane has taken advantage of its presence through a deep-water port which is open year-round. Two shipyards, and a big shrimp processing factory are located in the county. It also provides ferry service to the North Shore of Quebec, from where a large volume of raw materials and products are transported to Matane, to continue on their journey by road or by rail.

Economic diversification is a permanent process in the Matane, though. A pulp mill, a paperboard mill and the largest food processing company of the region are also located here. RCM, as well as a company specialized in diamond cutting. Wind-generated power production in the Matane is being developed.

The Matane region is also home to vast forest resources and a wildlife refuge abounding in game.

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