Matapedia Valley Trail

The sector of the Valley extends for a distance of 133 kilometres, between the sector of Matapedia and the Matane Wildlife reserve.

The trail follows sometimes some old trails of gamekeeper and in some occasions crosses local villages. Hikers will discover all the richness and diversities of the Matapedia Valley, land of salmon rivers as beautiful forests. Tourists who like to hear water and wind and which adore observing the presence of fauna will be fully satisfied.

Throughout the trail vacationers observe salmons jumping the falls of the Causapscal River, the falls of Philomene at St-Alexandre-of-Lakes, the arboretum in the Seigniory of the Matapedia Lake close to Amqui, sites of coasting flight close of the Salmon Lake.

The trail combines the culture and heritage, and its country environment in zones of full wild air and untamed. Followers of long excursions will be able to find supplies in each of five villages along the Matapedia Valley trail.

Accesses are available for those which prefer the short excursion. In fact, the Appalachian Trail crosses the municipalities of Ste-Marguerite, Causapscal, St-Alexandre-of-Lakes, Amqui and St-Vianney. At least two refuges are located in the sectors of Ste-Marguerite and Amqui. Moreover, campgrounds are available to each day of walk, located every 12 to 20 kilometres.

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