Kamouraska County

Kamouraska is a county extending along the St. Lawrence River from La Pocatiere to Saint-Andre and sprinkled with islands. Straddling the Appalachains and reaching south as far as Maine, it is home to approximately 22 thousand residents in 17 municipalities.

The name of this lovely region brings back memories of the first people who set foot on this vast land. The Aboriginals came here to hunt in the game-filled forests and to sail on the majestic St. Lawrence.

The natural look-offs, such as the College or Pere Coton Mountains and other isolated mountains, raise their heads here and there between the river and the Appalachians, offering a sweeping view of the region. Since the 19th century, Kamouraska has been recognized as an exceptional vacation destination.

Two tourist roads cross the region of Kamouraska: the Navigators Road, from west to east, and the Frontiers Road. These roads allow travelers to discover the soul of the region, its numerous historical circuits, buildings, and magnificent landscapes. Many hiking trails will please those who want to take their time to discover the region. Rock climbing in Kamouraska is popular, and so are hunting and fishing in idyllic settings. People here are very friendly, allowing the guests to fall under the spell of the region.

Besides, the locals have a talent for good food. Smoked products, eel recipes, berry liqueur, and other delights guarantee that you will want to come back again and again. Kamouraska offers a wide variety of accommodations, from camping to classy hotels.

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