Pointe-au-Pere Historic Site

This interesting site depicts more than two centuries of the maritime history of the St. Lawrence Estuary. You can climb up one of the highest lighthouses in Canada, visit the remaining buildings of the old Navigation Aids Station, tour the Empress of Ireland Pavilion and visit the Onondaga submarine.

The Onondaga

The Onondaga submarine is a tourist attraction unique in Quebec and even in Canada. Visitors can take a tour of the Onondaga submarine at Pointe-au-Pere neighborhood of Rimouski City and discover this little-known, but fascinating world.

You can board the 300 ft (90 m) submarine and find out about the lives of its crew of 60 men who lived for months at a time inside it. During the tour, guests examine the complex mechanics of the submarine and the technology used for underwater detection.

The audio-guide commentary will help tourists to understand all the details.

The Empress of Ireland Pavilion

The Empress of Ireland presents the history of this magnificent passenger ship, from its construction in 1906 to its tragic sinking occurred on May 29, 1914. More than 1, 000 people died there. Guests can visit the historic site and learn all there is to know about this ship and admire the biggest collection of objects salvaged from the wreck, period photos, hear to interactive terminals and eyewitness accounts. You can also relive the emotion of that tragic night during a 3D multimedia show that recreates the Empress of Ireland’ last voyage and the shipwreck.

The Lighthouse

Erected in 1909, the local lighthouse played a very important role in the history of navigation of the St. Lawrence River. The lighthouse keeper’s house is home to a few exhibits related to the main events. You can take a guided tour up to the top of the lighthouse and admire the fabulous panorama from there.

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