Lamontagne House

Built around 1744, Lamontagne House is the oldest house in Eastern Quebec. This timbered estate is located in the St. Lawrence Valley, about 4 miles from the city of Rimouski.

The Lamontagne House is closely associated with French Quebec heritage. Through its silhouette, visitors come to understand the first settlers’ lifestyle, the history of the families who populated the land and the history of architecture in New France and the rest of Canada.

In the old days, several generations of a family lived under the same roof. In the St. Lawrence Valley, small land concessions could not be endlessly subdivided. The next generations of colonists couldn’t build their own dwellings, so the existing houses expanded as their inhabitants grew in number.

Since the 18th century, most houses have been built two rooms deep: one at the front of the building and the other one at the back. Before, the additions had been built at the sides of houses, stretching them along the axis of the roof ridge. Lamontagne House is a perfect example of the newer architectural style.

The estate houses the Interpretation center of Quebec’s home architecture. Various exhibitions devoted to residential architecture and the rural life are held on the premises. On Sunday, outdoor concerts are offered, and picnic areas allow guests to appreciate the historic site.

Address of Lamontagne House:

707 blvd. du Rivage, Rimouski, Québec, Canada, 

Phone: 418-722-4038

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