Farmers’ Circuit

194 km to discover

The Farmers’ Circuit (Circuit du Paysan) is a picturesque country trip in the southwestern part of the Montérégie Region, which offers tourists hours of pleasure and miles of relaxation, whether alone, as a couple or as a family.

The route, at the foot of the Adirondacks, borders the United States, between the Richelieu River and Lake Saint-Francis, and its circular course is easily accessible by taking exit 21 of the 15 south autoroute to Napierville.

The Farmers’ Circuit is a pleasant look at rural life in the Quebec’s back country, where visitor will meet people passionate about their art or their craft: wine and cider makers, artisans, farmers, breeders, chefs and innkeepers, each willing to share their knowledge as well as their know-how, derived from the traditions of past generations.

The route is a real rendez-vous with nature in a bucolic setting. The image and reputation of the Monteregie as a top-rated gourmet region is presented to Quebecers as well as tourists eager for new taste sensations. This circuit is an original way of being introduced to the peculiarities, the charm, the attractions of this part of Quebec and of appreciating the different sides of agriculture and rural life, where the pleasures of fine foods and numerous discoveries await you.

If you take this route, you’ll cross first the Haut-St-Laurent Region, the land which welcomed the Irish, the Scots and American settlers and so has a distinctive and rich architectural heritage. The landscape of the hill translates into rocky soil which meant using the stone.

As early as the second half of the XIXth century, the farmers of the area began planting many superb orchards. The stones from the fields were piled into walls which dot the landscape and are evidence of cleared land.

Then, you’ll visit the Jardins-de-Napierville region, appropriately nicknamed "Quebec Garden". This region is an invitation to enjoy earthly pleasures. As the principal gateway to the Farmers’ Circuit, the region offers the beauty of its scenic landscape and the opportunity to sample a multitude of local products. Local speciality shops offer a wide variety of delectable products sure to please the palate.

For more information call: 1-800-378-7648


CLD des Jardins-de-Napierville
361, rue St-Jacques C.P. 309,
Napierville (Québec) J0J 1L0

Website :

CLD du Haut-Saint-Laurent
8, rue King, Huntingdon, (Québec) J0S 1H0

Website :

Farmers’ Circuit Website :

circuit du paysan

Farmers' Circuit. Photo : © ProvinceQuebec

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