Chambly Canal National Historic site of Canada

The Chambly Canal is only 20 kilometres long, but it played very important role in the history of lumbering and forestry in Canada, as well as in the development of the trade relations between Canada and the United States.

The canal was opened to navigation in 1943 Visiting the installations of the canal, guests admire the stepped locks and hand-operated cranks and locks, as well as the rotating, rolling and draw bridges. From alongside the canal, you can watch the lockmasters operate the lock in the old-fashioned way.

Today, the canal is mostly used for pleasure navigation, and when boats and yachts make their way along the Richelieu River, their captains enjoy access to an extensive network of navigable waterways. While visiting the canal, you may take advantage of your tour to visit Fort Chambly and indulge in a cruise on the Upper Richelieu River, starting from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Note than whether you a connoisseur or a person who appreciate good food, you shouldn't miss the orchards and cider house in Rougemont. On foot or riding a bicycle, you can explore the 20-km multipurpose trail, and then stop at the information center, where the history of the canal workers is told.

Chambly City is located 30 km south of Montreal following Highway 30 or Highway 10.

The Chambly Canal Website:

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