Fort Lennox

Fort Lennox National Historic Site of Canada is located at St-Paul-de-l’Ile-aux-Noix, about 50 minutes from Montreal, following Highway 15 or Road 223. Fort Lennox was built in 1833.

This unique site is accessible only by water. You should take a ferry to get to the island and begin at once to immerse yourself in the spirit of the site. There are two exhibits devoted to famous witnesses of the colonial era: the Royal Engineers, who designed the imposing fortification, and the officers of the British Army, who lived on the site.

The Hazelnut Island (Ile aux Noix) is a witness to great event throughout Quebec’s and Canada’s history. It is also home to an authentic British fortification. Guests admire the exceptionally well-preserved buildings and defensive works that occupy the landscape. Experienced guides help visitors to learn more about the fascinating world of the military of the 19th century and their families. You can visit barracks, a powder magazine, a guard house or a prison, each place faithfully recreates a setting typical of its era. Guides will tell you about theft, involving suspects, mysteries, secrets and an irate sergeant during an interactive theatrical animation, in an enchanting setting.

The tour of Fort Lennox is complete with a break for lunch in the sprawling picnic area. You can go on and visit other fortifications and museums which abound in the heart of the Valley of Forts, in the Richelieu Valley and vicinity. Note than cruises are available between St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Fort Lennox.

Travelers can also visit one or two of many farm businesses in the region. The local menu of attractions includes vineyards, cheese markers, orchards, berry picking in season and much more.

Fort Lennox Website:

fort lennox

Fishing boats for rent and Fort Lennox Cabins, Ile aux Noix, postcard, circa 1960

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