Granby Zoo

Granby Zoo's mission is to let visitors enjoy a unique educational and recreational adventure through close proximity with mainly endangered or exotic animals, in the context of conservation and scientific development within high quality recreational facilities.

The Village is the starting point for each of the trips you will be making in the course of your visit at Granby Zoo. From there, you can try first Africa, South America, Asia or Oceania. But the Village is a world onto itself which swarms with all kinds of activities. Indeed, you can refuel at the Market, explore the Cave, make discoveries inside the Hut and have fun at the Petting Zoo.

Then you can walk on the Trails of Africa that run through the African Savannah. You might see elephants playing and bathing in the water! Visitors are transported to another world in the new shared living quarters of the zebras and rhinos, just as in a real savannah.

It's impossible to be indifferent to the sight of rhinos or zebras in areas recreating their natural habitats.
Other interesting sites in Africa are a poacher's den, an elephant cemetery and an archaeological dig site.

The Afrika Pavilion is an incursion into the tropical forest. In the heart of the brush tourists discover Lowland Gorilla, Mandrill, Royal Python, African Clawless Otter, Veiled Chameleon, Abyssinian Black and White Colobus.

In summer, the gorillas enjoy a new habitat here, created especially for them. They can to bask in the sun in front of visitors; large windows permit a privileged contact between visitors and great apes.

The South American loop that travels through the Temple will add to the enjoyment of your visit. Following this path allows you to see everything without having to look for directions; you just follow the traced road.

Jaguars, Ocelots, Green Anaconda, White-faced Sakis, Goeldi's Monkey, Common Marmoset, Boat-billed Heron, Piranhas and Spectacled Bears are your guides throughout this experiment.

The alligators complete the loop and visitors will walk over their new basin using a small bridge.

In the Mayan Temple, rites, myths and legends follow one another in a setting that will transport you to another space and time.

Dans le Temple, les rites, les mythes et les légendes se succèdent dans un décor qui vous transportera dans un autre espace/temps.

South America sector is also the gateway to the Amazoo Yoplait Water Park.

Tnen you can travel the Oceania path while sharing the same habitat as the Western Grey Kangaroo, Wallabies (little cousins of the kangaroos) and the Emus. You might be lucky enough to stroke one. Some occasionally let themselves be approached by visitors.

The South Pacific Pavilion will take visitors on an expedition across the waters and islands of the South Pacific.The pavilion’s scenery takes its inspiration from the water and earth elements of that region of the globe.Visitors can admire jellyfish, sharks and corals in large aquariums.

Asia is the large continent made up of different cultures but also different climates. The northern Asia has a climate resembling that of Quebec. The climate is continental with cold winters. The center of this part of Asia is occupied by a great forest, the taiga, which leaves room near the Arctic Ocean vegetation of mosses and shrubs, tundra.

So there are several Asian species perfectly adapted to temperature changes that occur in Quebec. Let yourself be whisked away to Northeast Asia! Come visit the Amur tigers’ new habitat and the research centre devoted to tigers. Two rare and secretive species of felids are be featured in the Asia World : the snow leopard and the Amur leopard. You will have the opportunity to admire them in an authentic design, inspired by their natural habitat.

Address of Granby Zoo :

525, rue St-Hubert
Granby, Québec
J2G 5P3

For general information : 450 372-9113 or toll free1 877 472-6299

Web Site :

entry granby zoo

Granby Zoo Entry. Photo : © N. T.

box office granby zoo

Granby Zoo, box office. Photo : © N. T.


Hippopotamus or hippo. Photo : © N. T.

pink flamingo

Pink Flamingo. Photo : © N. T.

animal farm

Animal Farm. Photo : © Nicolas T.


Giraffe. Photo : © Nicolas T.


Alligators. Photo : © N. T.


African sign. Photo : © N. T.

amazoo aquaparc

Amazoo aquaparc. Photo : © N. T.

lyon in granby zoo

The lion King is really exhausted. Photo : © N. T.

camels granby zoo

A couple of happy camels. Photo : © N. T.


Three little pigs. Photo : © N. T.


Hum… can't say, but they are lovely. Photo : © N. T.

stone herons

Stone Herons! Photo : © N. T.

pony of granby zoo

Two little ponies. Photo : © N. T.


A llama. Photo : © N. T.

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