Charlevoix Maritime Museum

The Charlevoix Maritime Museum is located at the old Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive shipyard and it preserves and recounts the Charlevoix’s maritinme history trought tales of the schooners that once sailed the St.Lawrence.

Its permanent and temporary exhibits offer visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the history of navigation and better understand the role of the navigation in the economic developmenet of Quebec.

The Charlevoix Maritime Museum features two schooners with a rich past: Jean Yvan was built in 1958, and the Saint-André, in 1956. The latter represents the last and most advanced type of flat-bottomed schooners that plyed their trade on the St Lawrence. The Jean Yvan is open for the public to visit.

A popular shooting site of a very popular in Quebec movie DUO starring Serge Postigo, Annick Lemay, Gildor Roy and François Massicotte is located near by and the ship Félicia that is featured in the movie can be boarded.

Guests can relax and picnic on the beach with the family equipped with picnic tables. The Museum’s vast property spreads out along the St.Lawrence sea shore.

To contact the Charlevoix Maritime Museum:

305, rue de l’Église,
G0A 3Y0

Tel.: 418-635-1131

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