Argenteuil Regional museum

National historic site of Canada Carillon Barracks is located in St-Andre-d’Argenteuil, on the shore of the Ottawa River, only a five minutes walk from the Carillon Canal toll Collector’s house.

The old military Carillon Barracks of the Engineers of British Army were built between 1830 and 1837, during the construction of the first Ottawa River canal system, a project triggering a regional economic boom. During the uprising of 1837 and 1838, the British army used the complex for military purposes. Later, between 1840 and 1936, the building was used as a civil housing resource, and as a hotel.

Today, the Barracks have been converted into a regional museum by the Historical Society of the Argenteuil county. This institution conserves and highlights a vast collection of artefacts, tools, clothing, antics, ancient furniture and documents of archives, each with a long story to tell. Guests can take a guided tour of the Carillon hydroelectric power station.

The museum is located 85 kilometres from Montreal via Route 344 West.

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