Train Station Museum in Temiscaming

Historically, the site where Temiscaming stands served as the gateway to settlement of the Temiscamingue region. The town's train station played a key economic role because of the importance of the railroads for logging and other industries.
The station, built in 1927 by Canadian Pacific, is one of the few city-type train stations to have been set up far from an urban centre and is the only one still standing in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue region today.
The station master lived on the second floor of this brick building, while the ground floor housed passenger services and two waiting rooms, one of which was reserved exclusively for women. This was a common feature of rail travel until the turn of the 20th century, but by the 1920s and '30s, it was a rare occurrence.
The Temiscaming train station was designated as an historic monument by the Quebec government in 1979.
Today, it houses an exhibit on the history of the Town of Temiscaming.
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