Museum of Seashells

In this museum visitors will discover the wonderful world of seashells which are every bit as interesting as mammals, birds, fish hand many other forms of life.

Guests will be amazed at their colours, shapes and intricate patterns. The museum exposes over 2,000 species of seashells from around the world and 30 seashell families, as well as many excellent underwater photographs of seashells in their natural habitat. In addition to marine seashells, there are terrestrial species, sea urchins, starfish, preserved crustaceas, shark jaws and much more. Many explanations and illustrations give insight into how seashells live, eat and reproduce.

The museum boutique offers many collectible seashells, seashell jewellery, decorative seashells, seashell lamps, mobiles, macramé and more.

Address of the Seashell Museum:

274, route 138 Saint-Tite-des-Caps G0A 4J0

Phone : 418 823-2747

Web Site of the museum:

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