Native Museum of Mashteuiatsh

Built on the shores of of the Pekuakami, as the First nations call the lake St-John, the Native Museum of Mashteuiatsh has as its primary mission to protect its cultural heritage, to further the development, to promote and to transmit to future generations.

The Native Museum is a window of contemporary creations for Ilnu and Indian cultures very much alive that continues to develop and progress. It wants to safe-guard a living memory of a nation that survived its own history, a tradition that refuses to be forgotten and it open to all Indian Nations who also have their own stories to relate and share.

Among its permanent exhibitions we can name the exhibition Spirit of the Pekuakamiulnu. This exhibition is the story of the Pekuakamiulnuatsh as told and represented by the Ilnuatsh. It is a collective exhibit of the past to present times and reveals who the Ilnuatsh were and what they have become.

An exterior Interpretation Site is a short walk along the path. This Interpretation Site allows to discover Nuhtshimitsh, in the Forest, dedicated to four themes: shelter, travel, nourishment and medicinal. As you stroll through the site, you will have a better understanding of the intimate bond between the Ilnuatsh and their territory. In the heart of this forest, you will feel the sense of respect and harmony, profound values for the Ilnuatsh.

The community of Mashteuiatsh is located on the western shore of Pekuakami, or Lac Saint-Jean, 6 km from Roberval; it can be reached by route 169. Founded in 1856, it is the oldest Innu reserve. Before being named Mashteuiatsh, which means “where there is a point” it was already a passage and summer gathering place where fishing was often successful.

Around 6000 years ago, the Tshishennuatsh penetrated the heart of the Canadian Shield that had just been liberated from its glaciers. These newcomers occupied in its entirety a territory, well irrigated by the rivers which flow into the Saguenay and the Pekuakami (Lake st-John).

The Pekuakamiulnuatsh (their descendants) have maintained over the years a nomadic life style in rhythm of the seasons.

Visit the Native Museum in Mashteuiatsh and take a journey into a legacy of living memories and share the richness of a culture in full evolution.

Address of the Native Museum of Mashteuiatsh:

1787, rue Amishk Street
Mashteuiatsh (Pointe-Bleue)
Lake St-John, Quebec G0W 2H0

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