Laurentian Ski Museum

The Laurentian Ski Museum accumulates memorabilia that venerates the Laurentian region as an center of skiing in North America.

Indeed, in 1927, Hills 69 and 70 first played host to international men’s and women’s championships in North America. Within decades, the skiing bug generated a major economic boom for the region, and several St.Sauveur based ski clubs, like the Redbirds, the Penguins and the Nordiks contributed to skiing’s success story, entirely changing the appreciation of winter.

Cross country skiing rapidly became the fastest growing sector, thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts like the Sweden “Jackrabbit” Johannsen, who laid out a system of interlacing trails in the Laurentians and North Eastern US, transforming the backcountry into a skiers’ paradise comparable to the ‘Swiss Jura’. In 1932, Mr. Johannsen mapped out Mt. Tremblant’s prestigious Kandahar Race.

Thanks to dedicated volunteers, many of them with impressive skiing backgrounds, the Laurentian Ski Museum honours the exciting era. Exhibits provide a blast from the past of outlandish fashion, such as stretchy ski pants, highlighting flamboyant ski moguls, jet-setting ski bums and guru coaches.

The museum’s scope encompasses also the Paralympics, Freestyle, and the incredible advances that have reduced winning times to mere hundredths of a second.

The Ski Hall of Fame is a part of the Laurentian Ski Museum. It enshrines many personal stories and legends, rarely told. The annual Ski Hall of Fame dinner is an important source of financing for the Laurentian Ski Museum

Address of the Laurentian Ski Museum:

Musée du ski des Laurentides
30 rue Filion,
J0R 1R0

Telephone:   450-227-2564

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