Morin-Heights Historical Association

The Morin-Heights Historical Association was established in 1997, as a non-profit organisation.

Its mission is to involve the community into the preservation of all aspects of the village Morin-Heights' natural and architectural heritage of the village of Morin-Heights.

The members of the Morin-Heights Historical Association invite all the village inhabitants to participate in various events and exhibitions, as well to contribute to their magazine, The Porcupine or Le porc-épic epic – (the magazine is bilingual).

Membership in the Morin-Heights Historical Association is open to anyone interested in the history and heritage of Morin Heights and the Lower Laurentians.

The association is a bilingual organization, which reflects Morin Heights’ linguistic and cultural mix. Its members have created strong links with other heritage groups outside, such as the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network, Federation des societes d’histoire du Quebec, the cultural committee of the Pays-d’en-Haut County, and with neighboring historical groups in Mille Isles, St. Sauveur des Monts, Ste. Agathe, Arundel, and other municipalities.

Members of the association hold many events, such as the summer House and Garden Tours (in July), autumn Antique Evaluations, and various special exhibitions.

Mailing address:

Morin Heights Historical Association

P.O. Box 2693

Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada

J0R 1H0

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