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Internet resource about the Province of Quebec in English

The quick review of the Province Quebec website will show why this resource exists, which goals it serves and what audience can attract.
Quebec has always played a significant economical, social and political role in Canada whose history has started from Quebecois territory. 7,7 mln. Quebeckers make up a quarter of the total number of Canadians.

The Province Quebec website has been created to celebrate rich and exciting history and nature of Quebec. Author’s intention was also to make the information about Quebec easier of access for people all over the world.

The website distinguishes from many others because of huge amount of information, well-organized structure and clear, understandable language. It can be defined as “informative”, “knowledgeable”, “tourist guide”, or “cultural guide”.

The website is oriented on a very wide audience. Those people who are interested in history, both province residents and living outside Quebec will find a lot of articles in the History of Quebec section. They will read about unexampled and fabulous events have been taking place since 1534, when the French navigator Jacques Cartier landed on the Gaspé Peninsula and named the territory Canada.

Tourists or people on vacation, thinking of an interesting place to spend a weekend or more, will find tens of marvelous places throughout the province described on the resource. Articles are illustrated with lovely pictures and provide contact details for the convenience of searchers.


School and university students can use articles posted here while they are preparing their assignments and course works. Anyone who would like to get quick answer to almost any question about Quebec can use this “Quebecopedia” to their satisfaction.

Biographies of exceptional Quebeckers, who played significant roles in development of Canada and other countries or in the whole world, are placed in a separate section. Another part is devoted to the biggest and the most charming city of the province – Montreal.

The whole content of the site is available in French. English version presented on makes possible for people able to read in English get all the information.

The address of the website is
You can find the French version here:

All the comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Photo: Un méandre de la rivière Chaudière, by © Rosaire Lemay

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