The Provancher Society

The Provancher Society was founded in 1919 to reverse the destructive mentality of many hunters and fishermen through education. Its members also acquired land for natural reserves.

The motto of the Provancher Society was "I love, I teach, I protect". The society was bilingual and alternated francophone and anglophone presidents. The need for such an institution was evident: Early in the XX century keen sportsmen were increasingly disturbed by the wholesale destruction of the fish and wildlife of the St. Lawrence Valley, where dynamite fishermen and avid nest-riders were hand in glove with game wardens and event went hunting together.

The Provancher Society thus successfully lobbied the Quebec government for better game laws and enforcement. It promoted the establishment of a marine biology station and acquired to island in the St. Lawrence River to set up bird sanctuary. Its main goal was however education to which it devoted about 70% of its budget.

The Society's lectures were popular events. Each lecture began with a piano concert and a short film followed by a guest presenter. Among the guests was Grey Owl, an Englishman whose real name was Archibald Stansfield Belaney, a pioneer conservationist.

One of the mainstays of the society was Rex Meredith, a notary and a famous hunter, one of the keenest conservationists who worked hard to preserve the wilderness.

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