Historical Society Cavelier-of-LaSalle

The Historical Society Cavelier-of-LaSalle was founded in 1965 to research and promote the history of the city of LaSalle (nowadays borough of Montreal City) and the genealogy of its citizens, as well as to encourage the conservation of LaSalle’s patrimonial places.

The Society collects, organizes, and preserves documents and objects that are entrusted to it, acquired, or inherited. It organizes conferences and exhibitions of historical objects and documents.

Residents of LaSalle can get involved in historical research relating to LaSalle by becoming members of the Society. In fact, any person or any organization interested in the history and the inheritance of LaSalle can become its member.

Web Site of the Societt: www2.csmb.qc.ca/shcavelier.

Address of the Historical Society Cavelier of LaSalle:

13A rue Strathyre LaSalle

H8R 3P5

Phone: 514 364-9955

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