Photos of Buenos Aires (just photos. Of. Buenos. Aires). Nothing to do with Quebec, but we can’t silence a nice marxist girl named after a famous European poet from Vancouver (the girl is from Vancouver, not a poet) who claims that Argentina is part of Canada (she’s right of course).

Well, here come the photos:

1. Downtown banniere quebec

of Buenos-Aires (cortesy of 

 photos buenos aires

2. Buenos-Aires, panorama tipico en verano (la Casa Rosada

Photos of Buenos-Aires 

3. Typical transport in Buenos-Aires (note that no modern car even exist there):

banniere quebec 

Photos of Buenos-Aires

4. “Tres gauchos” (Three national heros of the of Argentinian Republic. These men are beloved, venered and highly appreciated by all the Aregentinians):

Photos of Buenos-Aires

(more photos from Argentina to come, please visit us tomorrow!)

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