Historical Society of Old Port Bay

Historical Society of Old Fort Bay or Historical Society of Pontchartrain Township is located in the Old Fort Bay Village, Lower North Shore. The Society was founded by a group of about twenty enthusiasts, all Old Fort Bay residents who do their best to make this community and region a better place to live by means of community programs and uncovering the historical importance of the village.

The Society is also working at erecting a cross back to each unmarked grave in the region to show respect for the first colonists. The Collections of the Society are composed of about 2,000 photographs, registry books, ledgers, articles, maps, charts, interesting items from shipwrecks, examples of decorative arts, ceramics, porcelain, pottery and other artefacts. Birth, death and marriage certificates are conserved in the archives.

The Society of Old Bay Fort assists in family tree research and provides photos to anyone asking as well as reports from past research that its members have completed. The society also works on many community based projects to improve the quality of life for all citizens, as well as in developing educational and family programs.

Members of the society offer their services as guides in exploring nature trails, walks or gardens.

Note than the society is located in Old Fort Bay general store and works with their store hours.

Address of the Old Fort Bay historical Society:

P.O. Box 122, Old Fort Bay


Telephone: 418 379-2650

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