Attractions of Eastern Townships

The area between Dunham and Frelighsburg is really beautiful. From the heights on Ch. Eccles Hill, three sets of mountains can be seen, - Pinnacle and the northern Appalachians, the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks in northern New York State. Tucked into the valley of the River Aux Brochets, the road approaches Frelighsburg, a tiny community which has undergone a renaissance, under the watchful eyes of its heritage-savvy citizens. Frelighsburg celebrates the arts each year with an early September festival devoted to art and artisans.

Some of the scenes of the movie The Patriot were filmed on this location, for example the lovely Hunter's Falls. One of the most unusual local attractions is a monument Ch. Eccles Hill. The monument honours the only person killed in the Fenian Battle of Frelighsburg in 1866, a deaf woman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gardens Dunham, on Road 202, is known for its limestone architecture, specialty shops and agricultural tourism ventures. The gardens are home to fruit orchards, goat farm and craft iron forgery.

Les Blanc Coteaux Winery, just west of Dunham on Route 202, operates a gourmet boutique that sells wine along with local food products. L’Orpailleur Winery is right next door to Les Blanc Coteaux.

A lovely park A Fleur d’Eau merits a visit. It's located between Dunham and Knowlton on Road 202. The park specializes in aqua-culture and plant interpretation. Paths lead around ornamental lakes and are lined with perennials and water flower display gardens. Visitors can ask for guided tours Don't forget that the Eastern Townships are home to a number of health and fitness spas, such the Spa at Bolton Falls, from where gusts can see the nice falls. Further exploration of the townships takes vacationers east of Knowlton, to Magog and beyond.

The first stop on this leg of the trip should be at the Abbey St. Benoit-du-Lac, a Benedictine cloister. Next, the National Park Mont Orford, located north of Magog, offers every amenity for the serious camper and hiker. Mining was an important industry for the Eastern Townships for many dozens of years.

One of the most profitable was the Capelton copper mine. Today it offers visitors the unique experience of touring the underground operation. Besides, the Capelton Mine area is home to a few covered bridges, one right on the mine property and a second - the Eustice Bridge - a mile away.

North Hatley, the closest village to the Capelton Mine attraction has a nice ambience about it. North Hatley is very popular. Remember than street parking is by permit here so you should follow signs to public parking lots. North Hatley is known for the Piggery Theatre, an English language summer theatre that has been operational since 1965 and is housed in a former pig barn. The Quebec landscape is dominated by churches, usually built on the highest point of land, in village or rural area. Each church displays an architectural individualism, especially in their spires. Individualistic touches are often given to homes and business with interesting use of unique features, odd window treatments and whimsical add-ons. You'll see church spires everywhere in the Eastern Townships.

It's really impossible to present all and every one of local attractions. Thus, as with any vacation, before you leave for the Eastern Townships, it’s important to get a detailed map and information on all attractions.

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