Walking and driving tours of Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke, a walkers’ paradise, offers a few tours for guests willing to discover the city.

First at all, Walking Tour of the Old North Ward, a self-guided walking tour lets tourists discover Sherbrooke’s architectural gems. Vacationers can reserve a mp3 player and a map of the ville at the Historical Interpretation Center (Centre d’interpretation d’histoire) and follow the path according to this mechanical guide.

Guests can choose a guided walking tour of the Old North Ward. There, a few unusual characters accompany guests as they discover the old part of the city of Sherbrooke. These characters act with gusto, humor and song, as they reveal the mysteries of the downtown and tell stories and anecdotes about the streets, places stairways, nooks and crannies that people encounter.

Another interesting tour is the walking tour of Lennoxville borough. This tour lets of about 1,5 mile helps guests to discover unique architecture in the vicinity of Bishop’s University.

The Guided theatrical tour Traces et Souvenances (Traces and Recollections) is presented by a charming Irish lady, as she brings old Sherbrooke to life with her lively tales. Tourists meet other characters of the era, such as Gilbert Hyatt, the proud and valiant British Loyalist, Geraldine Mollins, the spirited wife of an early settler and other personalities, all of who make the tour fun. This theatrical tour covers two centuries.

Another theatrical city tour is the Fresco Route, which transport vacationers to a world somewhere between fiction and reality. It’s a bus tour and the cast of 15 characters, including a nun, country music singers, a Senator, a gardener, a charming girl, show tourists glimpses of urban Sherbrooke from the 1950s right down to modern times. Guests admire the city murals, the Domaine Howard, the Old North Ward, the Granada Theater, the promenade along the Lac-des-Nations (Lake of the Nations) and downtown Sherbrooke.

Several driving tours of the Sherbrooke area are available. Each of these routes will allow visitors to view beautiful valleys and rivers of the country side, and enjoy wonderful panoramas. One of these routes, the Townships Route, takes a 10-mile itinerary through the heart of Sherbrooke. The Townships Route (sometimes, it’s called Townships Trail), takes as its main theme the American and British heritage of the region. The itinerary covers about 300 miles and takes visitors through 31 municipalities, including the downtown area of Sherbrooke and its Lennoxville borough.

You can also take a panoramic tourist ride through old Sherbrooke aboard an antique collector’s car. Guests can choose between a shiny 1928 Dodge, a 1956 Studebaker President, a 1951 Placard and more and ride through Old North ward of Sherbrooke, a picturesque neighbourhood resplendent with very beautiful Victorian homes. Reservations are necessary in order to reserve a specific car.

Guests can take a tourist train Orford Express (departures from the Marche de la Gare de Sherbrooke – Station Market).

Year round, helicopter tours are available, fees vary depending on use.

All tours offer an experience that is enriching, different and memorable.

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