Covered Bridges of the Eastern Townships

In Quebec, covered bridges are part of the heritage. In the Easern Townships, this heritage has been passed down to us from the original settlers. Approximately 15 covered bridges re to be found in the region. Few of them enhance the bucolic natural setting of the hills and valleys surrounding Sherbrooke, the others cross rivers troughought the region. Near Sherbrooke, you’ll find the following bridges:

  • Milby Covered Bridge, in the Coaticoak region, on the route 147, at Milby, built in 1872. This bridge is of Town Truss type. 72’ long. Over the river Moe.
  • Eustis Covered Bridge, built in 1908. Multiple Kingpost Truss, 90’ long, located at North Hatley, Route 108, Stafford (Eustis) Road.
  • John Cook Covered Bridge, built in 1868, Town Truss Type, 133’ long, Cookshire. This bridge can be admired, but it’s closed to traffic.
  • The Drouin Bridge, built in 1897, on theDrouin Road, crossing the Coaticook River., with multiple kingpost trusses, 30 meter span. Wooden plank drop-siding, portal without jambs. It is closed to circulation.
  • The Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook Red Bridge on Michaud Street, over the Coaticook River, built in 1998, as this bridge is a reproduction. The original one dated back to 1887. It is open to circulation.

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