Hyatt Schoolhouse

The Hyatt Schoolhouse was built by Loyalists and their descendants around 1822 as a one-room schoolhouse, in the Township of Ascot. The building could well have been built much earlier and used as a Meeting House and House of Worship.

This school is one of remaining traces of the early settlement of the Eastern townships. It’s located in Milby, a small hamlet originally cleared by Gilbert Hyatt, the founder of the city of Sherbrooke. This small rural schoolhouse was restored due to an ambitious project undertaken by the members of Patrimoine-Ascot-Heritage, branch of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada.

Today, over 100 old school textbooks, brass school bells, ancient candle lamps, stone jar inkwells, quill pens, a weaving loom with a spinning wheel, an antique clock, a wooden sap bucket and many other items are among its collections. A modern room in the basement under the building can accommodate 50 people.

This attractive room can be used for many functions, such as business meetings, luncheons, birthday or anniversary parties by the Community and others. There is a full kitchen and a powder room adjacent to the room.

Address of the Little Hyatt Schoolhouse:

Route 147, corner of the McVety Road, Milby

For information, call: 819 837-1288 or 819 346-6746

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