The pleasures of Bird-Watching

Here are some bird-watching sites in Sherbrooke where you can take a nature walk alone, with a friend of with family.

In fact, bird-warching is the fastest-growing pastime activity among the population of North America. Sherbrooke’s citizens and visitors are no exception and the denizens of Sherbrooke are fortunate to not have to drive miles and miles to partake in this pleasurable activity as the city’s territory offers a few sites that are ideal for bird watching.

The tourist and recreational project “Cité des rivières” (City of the Rivers), which highlights the St. Francis and Magog River shorelines, offers panoramas of the Lake of Nations, a particularly nice place to go birding. You may spot a ring necked duck or a hooded merganser, marvellous specimens to behold.

The Mont-Bellevue Park is also home to several species, some of which are rather rare birds: the rose-breasted grosbeak, the scarlet tanager, the broad-winged hawk and the indigo bunting, to name a few.

The Réal-D.-Carbonneau Marsh, located along the St. Francis River in the heart of Sherbrooke, is a bird-watcher’s heaven, allowing glimpses of waders such as the striated heron ad the great egret. Here you can also find the passeriforms, such as the American redstart, the willow flycatcher, the American goldfinch. If you want to see a pileated woodpecker or an eastern screech owl, we recommend that you visit the Lucien-Blanchard Park. By the way, located at the park Lucien-Bouchard, the boutique at the Maison de l’eau sells bird-feeders, binoculars, books and other accessories to help you better enjoy your excursions. The Maison de l’eau is open seven days a week during the summer season. On a hot and sunny day, you can enjoy the beach, ride a pedal boat along the river, go skating in the winter, to try kick0sledding, etc.

The ideal location for spotting a barred owl is the Boisé-Becket Park.

Other boroughs of Sherbrooke, such as Lennoxville and Brompton, offer great opportunity for bird-watching. For example, Lennoxville’s Peter-Curry Park and Bromptoville’s Levesque Marsh are home to many varieties of ducks.

Thus, no matter what bird-watching site you choose, the birds, displaying their beautiful and varied plumage, are there for you to enjoy.

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