Since 2002, Lennoxville, a well-known locality of the Eastern townships, has been a borough  of the city of Sherbrooke, situated 5 kilometers away from it. The majority of Lennoxville residents are English-speaking. In total, the city of Sherbrooke is composed of 6 boroughs and Lennoxville carries number 3.

Three rivers, Massawippi, St-François river and Ascot cross the territory of Lennoxville. Lennoxivlle was founded in 1819 as part of the campaign aiming at settling Britsih veterans along the Canadian borders to cope with a potential American invasion. The name of the town comes from Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond, who was the Governor General of Canada at that time.

Today Lennoxville is known as one of the centers of English language education and almost half of its population is composed of students of renowned educational institutions such as Alexander Galt Regional High School, Bishop's University, Champlain Regional College and Bishop's College School, Saint-Antoine School, Lennoxville Elementary School.

So, it’s only natural that students play an important role in Lennoxville community, occupying a large number of local part-time jobs and that there are many nice pubs, bars and snack bars as well as sports clubs and social centers.

At the same time Lennoxville is home to some industrial companies such as Papiers Scott Ltée and Tamis CAE Inc., a division of CAE Industries Limitée. It’s worth noting that the first micro-brewery in Quebec is in Lennoxville an dit has its own pub.

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