Painted History of Sherbrooke Tour

At the theatrical tour “A painted history of Sherbrooke” (Par le Chemin des Fresques” guests are invited to behold the artwork that adorns some of the exterior walls of the City, transforming the downtown area into an art museum.

The tour transports visitors to a world somewhere between fiction and reality, offering a great, enriching, different, and memorable experience.

The tour starts in the heart of downtown Sherbrooke just steps away from the Frontenac Street esplanade and the Place des Moulins, where the Magog River and St Francis River meet.

The cast of 15 characters, including a nun; a trio of country music singers, Carmen, Bernie and Danny; Senator Howard; a factory hand’s daughter; a market woman; and a music lover, show guests glimpses of urban Sherbrooke from the 1950s right down to our times.

These characters accompany visitors on and off the bus, as people visit the city murals, the Domain Howard, the Old North Ward, the Granada Theatre, the promenade along the Lac-des-Nations, and downtown Sherbrooke. Note than Sherbrooke murals can be seen on a Canadian virtual art gallery website:

List of the most famous Sherbrooke murals:

  • Sherbrooke’s 2002 Bicentennial mural - dimension: 60’ by 35’, Dufferin Street.
  • “Nékitotegwak”- dimension: 37’ X 28’, Wellington Street North.
  • “Once upon a time in the East” - (dimension: 68’ by 39’, Bowen Street South.
  • “Progress in the East” - dimension: 76’ by 28’, Bowen Street South.
  • “The Good Years”- dimension: 60’ by 35’, Alexander Street.
  • “CHLT-TV, 50 years of looking at it our way” - dimension: 120’ X 35’, Frontenac Street.

The tour starts at the Train Station Market (Marché de la Gare on Minto Street.

Information about the tour A Painted history of Sherbrooke: 819 821-1919. Tickets: 819 820-1000

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