Walking Guided tour of Old Sherbrooke

In these tours guests are accompanied by a few unusual characters who will help them to discover Old Sherbrooke with gusto, humour, and song.

Among the tours, we can mention “Francis, the Window-washer” tour and “Spot, the hobo” tour. Francis and Spot will reveal the secrets of the downtown and tell their stories and anecdotes about places, streets, stairways, nooks and crannies that people encounter, allowing tourists to experience history as they have never done before. Visitors walk alongside the old streets, discovering Sherbrooke’s treasures.

From downtown, people can walk the trails along the Magog River Gorge, bringing them to the Frontenac hydro-electric dam. The eyes will feast upon the beautiful scenery along the way. Visitors can also enjoy the wonders of the Lac des Nations and the Lucien-Blanchard Park with its Maison de l’Eau.

After the walking tour, you can take a cruise on the Charmeuse or enjoy travelling the blue waters to Lake Magog.

These are just some of the benefits of exploring Sherbrooke.

Tours are suitable for all ages. They are 2-hour long. For further details about the tour, contact Sherbrooke tourist information Office at 785 King West, phone: 819 821-1919.

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