Miellerie Lune de Miel

The Miellerie is a family business that has been in operation since 1980ies, exploring the fascinating world bees and honey. The Miellerie offers a variety of new features that will be sure to please young and old alike.

The Center offers a tour that is catered to families and children. Thus, children have the opportunity to learn while they play, thanks to an animated film on the life of bees and honey production as well as an outdoor playground. Parents enjoy extracting fresh, natural honey and preparing their own jar to take home.

A captivating guided tour focuses on the life of bees and honey production. Guests can watch bees in action in a completely protected environment, and enter the only giant hive in the Americas, which is stunningly realistic.

The tour ends at the Nectarium boutique with its 100 beehive-derived products. Every visitor will be enchanted by the opportunity to sample honey-based products. A tasty visit to Nectarium Boutique is a must. The Boutique offers 15 varieties of pure honey, honey candy, honey-coated peanuts, as well as natural beauty, health and regional products.

People are delighted by the chance to sample different varieties of honey: plain, creamy, with fruit or flavoured with flower petals.

To contact Miellerie Lune de Miel:

252 Rang 3 E., Stoke

J0B 3G0

Telephone: 819-346-2558

Web Site: www.miellerielunedemiel.com

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