Mingan Archipelago

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada is located in the Cote-Nord Region, about 850 km from Quebec City via Road 138. This national park encompasses thousands of islands spread out over an area of about 152 km. It's the only park of this kind in the world. Guests discover here striking natural sculptures, astonishing plant life, many unusual birds.

The Mingan Islands are home to a variety of ecosystems, including woodlands, coastlines, peat bogs, barrens, lakes and cliffs. Tourists will want as well to explore villages of the Mingan Region, discover their charm and admire their singular scenery. Besides, seafood-lovers and connaisseurs of wild berries will find everything to tickle their taste buds. In fact, the rock type, climat and sea combine to create en environment favourable to the development of dozens of various plants, including Bird's Eay Primrose.

At Longue Pointe de Mingan and Havre-St-Pierre, tourists can liven up their evenings by taking part in cultural activities More than forty limestone islands are dotted with bizarely twisted sculptures "Flower pots" - spectacular monoliths that have eroded into thir prsent shape through a combination of the action of waves with freezing and thawing. You find the largest concentration of these striking natural works of art in Canada. Vacationers can walk the coast of the Grosse Ile Au Marteau to explore the rich history and culture of the Innu people.

The islands of Niapiscau, Du Fantome, Nue de Mingan, Quarry, ile aux Perroquets offer many fossils, stunning geological formations and much more. For kayakers and pleasure boaters, the region boasts a lot of discoveries.

However, before venturing to the sea, is strongly recommended to chck the latest weather conditions. People are encouraged as well to master fundamentals of navigatiion.

For greater safety, you can contact OPS Kayak de Mer, a sea kayakins safety organisation or the Coast Guard before venturing to the sea. Dozens of thousands of sea birds of 13 different species inhabit the Mingan Archipelago.The species include the Atlantic Puffin, with its distinctive brightly coloured bill. Note than fees are charged by private transporters authorized by Parks Canada for boat service to the islands.

The fees may vary depending on destination and services provided. Campgrounds and other lodging are available within the park territory.The campsites of the Mingan Island are really superb, so let yourself be lulled by the lapping of the waves, the singing of the birds, and the whisper of a sea breeze.

To tour the beauty of the Mingan Archipelago is to wonder as you wander!

To contact Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve:

Phone: 418-5378-3285

Web Site: www.pc.qc.ca/mingan

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