Pointe-aux-Prairies Nature Park

The Pointe-aux-Prairies Nature Park is an immense green Oasis in the heart of Montreal City. Located ion the eastern tip of the Island of Montréal, the park invites visitors to a real foray into nature.

Here the De Prairies River meets the St. Lawrence. Many different environments are present here, like the wooded forest, fields and marshlands, thus wetland that is so important to many animal species.

You can even listen to the frog’s chorus croaking. Guests can visit the interpretation pavilion about marshes to learn more about this wetland. In addition to observing more than 180 bird species, including the green-backed heron, many species of ducks, the tufted owl and the great horned owl, people can take advantage of the facilities to go biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or sliding.

A few the self-interpretation paths have been open here to allow guests to learn more about the place at your own rhythm.

Environmental science activities are offered by the Groupe uni des éducateurs-naturalistes et professionnels en environnement (GUEPE) and environmental education activities are available in the Pointe-aux-Prairies Nature Park for discovery lovers. During the winter, you could also take advantage of the paths reserved for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or hiking. You’ll find here more than 24 km of cross-country skiing paths.

Besides, you can even enjoy tobogganing down the hill with your children. All the nature parks are open to the public from sunrise to sunset all year round, however the opening hours of the Visitor Information Centres may vary.

Visitors can rent a bike in summer and cross-country skis in winter. BBQ is accepted in the park and a nice picnic area is at your disposal.

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