Plaisance National Park

Located on the shores of the Ottawa River, the Plaisance national Park (Parc national de Plaisance) occupies about 28 square kilometres of land, in the Outaouais Region.

Its many bays, islands, peninsulas as well as the multicoloured tapestry of its aquatic grass beds welcome thousands of visitors looking for a realm of peace and quiet. Each year, Plaisance offers a breathtaking spectacle of thousand of Canada geese, welcomes thousands of geese who stop over on their spring and fall migratory routes.

Some 100,000 Canada Geese, along with several species of diving and tip-up ducks, spend come to stop here. In summer, the park is a paradise for many ducks, herons, ospreys and hundreds of other species. Actually, close to 250 bird species live there, and about 100 of them nestle in the park. Besides, the Plaisance Park’s extraordinary wet zones are among the best potential habitats for wild birds in Canada.

They are home to different plants, and guests admire many forms of life there. A trail features a floating boardwalk that runs alongside the marsh of Parisien Bay. As visitors walk along this trail, they find themselves at the heart of a floating garden where great blue herons, ospreys, Canada Geese and other species come to feed.

An observation tower is located at the end of the boardwalk. From atop of the tower, a remarkable view of the surrounding landscapes opens. Guests can rent yurts, thus a new concept in accommodations. These traditional shelters of the Central Asian Steps are a new form of accommodation. They are advantageous and comfortable. The yurts for rent are made of a round canvas tent. They have a hardwood floor, and an abundance of windows.

The yurts also have electric lighting and are equipped with a stove, an electric fridge, everything a visitor needs for the preparation of meals, a picnic table and an outdoor fire pit. Those who like water sports, can follow the traces of the Algonquians and the runners-of-the-woods, and explore the calm waters of Plaisance, away from the currents and traffic on Outaouais River.

To contact the Plaisance National Park: Phone: 819 427-5334 or toll free number: 1 800 665-6527

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Plaisance National Park

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